It has been alleged that this series and website and publicity campaign are really just another front for Gr**t Sh***s in his continuing mission to alert a deeply gullible and naive nation to the potential benefits of enhanced identity management. However, for the sake of legal semblances, we have found a scapegoat who we can declare responsible for this series, and others who we can also implicate. Of course, your interpretation may be different.

CITIZENS: Excision, by Ian Kennedy.

With thanks to Tina Hofman, Marcus Fernando, Andrew Cullum, Birmingham Irish Centre, Angus and Joanne Kennedy, Matt Croton and our nameless overseers. Music has been identified within the videos but is mainly by Kevin Macleod,


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Identity theft :: Hacking :: Surveillance :: Insights, drama and amusement. One series. Two million interpretations. Only two ways to the truth… an interactive crime series.